Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Will DO This! Pep Talk! :)

Last year's white lights with some color.  This year I went back to all white again, although I may put colored around the door ...or not.  I like the color coming through the glass but I like the traditional look of white with the wreaths and red bows.  And  they can stay up all winter because I still like turning them on even after Christmas sometimes.  :)

A stupid cold and I are wrastling with each other over which one of us is going down first.  And boy oh boy am I glad I got the white lights on all the bushes outside before the snow.  Right now I am trying to get myself to go out into the frigid cold to wash the glass panes on each side of the front door and then string up the last set of lights around it.  Then to put bows on the fresh balsam wreaths and hang on the doors and place wreaths over each post on the split rail fence and then just a few other outdoor details.  Oh right ...I want to also create a fresh pine ...something for a pot near one door and in the tub out back.  It's also supposed to be 50 on Monday.  But ...once I get an idea ...

The fresh pine planters can wait.  But The lights and wreaths must get done.  Normally this would all be done but you know that feeling you get when you are fighting something and you feel like you're cold but you really aren't ...and dragging?  Well the idea of going out in the cold seems like torture right now.  B-U-T I will bundle really well and wear red lipstick.  Yes red lipstick contrasting the pasty - but festive.  :)

Son, Chris gave me some kind of fizzy 1000 MG fizz vitamin C mixture to drink this morning.  I've been drinking herbal aloe force juice, acai juice, green tea with acai and other antioxidants, took a royal jelly multivitamin, 5000 mg of vitamin D an several of heaping teaspoons of Healing Manuka honey.  I am staggering these things throughout the day/evening.  Oh and my green synergy drink.

And last but not least, I've also been thanking God for healing me.

Like I said - I am fighting this!

I'll have a big grapefruit later or in parts.  No appetite.  I hope that stays that way because I've been losing weight again and I tend to gain weight when I am sick.  I don't know why but I know I eat to feel better.

So a cold is no big deal except I have so much to do and want to get done and all I really want to do is just sleep, read or watch movies ...or blog.

Oh and the doctor still gave me a flu shot yesterday and so maybe that is affecting me somewhat too.

It could be worse.  At least I don't have to be working in a packed ER during a hellacious and crazy, busy shift with no breaks.  I remember an ER doctor once saying that it's pretty bad when you're more sick than the patients coming in.  True.

Anyway ...the upside to this is that I am most likely getting this out of the way and so I will be healthy for Christmas!

Why does the Christmas season have to fly by so quickly?  I guess because it is my favorite time of the year and we're all so busy too.  Time flies when you're having fun.  :)

Okay ...pep talk over.

Now ...a SeaSpray's gotta do what a SeaSpray's gotta do.  Where's that lipstick.  :)

cosmetic tube : Red tube of lipstick with lips
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fun Colonoscopy :)

Get me laughing and you can have your colonoscopic way with me.  Yes ...I know ...colonoscopic isn't really a word ...but hey ...the spelling check ...spell check ...spelling checker ...oh that spelling thingy that is supposed to alert one to a spelling error in blogger doesn't recognize colonoscopy either.  Besides ...I like the word ...colonoscopic.  Say that 3 times fast.  Not easy is it?  :)

Anyway gastro doc surprised me with his sense of humor.  He always seemed so quiet and mild mannered.  Actually the anesthesiologist and the gastro doc were quite the humorous pair.  Who knew?  Well ...I guess I did give them some material to work with.  Ha ha!  Nothing like going into your colonoscopy laughing all the way.

I'm happy to say that despite my pre-procedure internal squirrellyness ...laughing with the doctors relaxed me ...a lot.  Oh and maybe the Propofol too.  ;)   I'm also happy to say that everything came out alright in the end ...and I'm glad it's all behind me now.  :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Up Side of a Colonoscopy (No Pun Intended ;)


And yet another way to kill three birds with one stone ...sort of.  Thursday's colonoscopy prep day is gonna be the best calorie control as I bypass all the free food sample vendors at Costco today.   You know how they always have those cheesecake samples and other temptations around the holidays.

"Hey SeaSpray - how did you lose weight?" 

"Oh ...I just schedule out patient tests or procedures that require fasting any time I want to avoid temptation with food.   And as if fasting isn't enough ...there's nothing like a good MOVIPREP to kill one's desire to eat and I don't mean preparing to go to the movies either." :)

"Hello?  Dr Colonoscopy?  I need to lose more weight.  So can we please schedule another colonoscopy?  Great ...Looking forward to it!  See you then."  :)

What?  Doesn't everyone look forward to their colonoiscopy?   Okay ...maybe not a colonoiscopy but surely a colonoscopy?

Oh and I also have to see my PCP for a routine check up next Tuesday.  And just like it is the law of the universe that everyone entering even one foot into a urology office will have to give a urine sample there is also that O-T-H-E-R law of the universe which states you will be weighed every-single- time you set foot in the private doctor's  office.  Heck they chase you down the halls until you agree.  You will never leave that office with out first stepping on their scale. The doors go on lock down until you allow yourself to be weighed.  I know.  Believe me ...I've tried to escape. 

Anyway occurs to this SeaSpray that another upside to this colonoscopy is that it is happening close to my next pcp appointment and thus I will have an additional boost in weight loss.

So let's see ...getting this colonoscopy now will aid in...

1. The ability to refuse tempting foods which also just happens to facilitate weight loss

2.  Said colonoscopy prep/procedure facilitates even more weight loss prior to the private doctor appointment.

3.  Oh right!  It's good preventative health care.

Gee ...that's a WIN - WIN - WIN!

 And now you know the upside of a colonoscopy.

Just Saying.  :)
I meant to put this up this morning ..well ...yesterday morning now.   I have eight hours to go until surrender time.  I still get squirrelly over that ...the surrendering my awareness thing, I mean.  I still hate NPO.  I am ridiculously thirsty even though I've had so much to drink.  It's psychological.  Take my food but ...please... not  my water.

Oh well .  It will be bottoms up before I know it. :)