Saturday, November 30, 2013

A SeaSpray Morning (ABISHED! :)

I didn't do it and nobody's sayin otherwise.  Capish?

Earlier this past week ...Wren and My had just arrived early one morning and before their coats were off ...Myles asked me what we were having for dinner. Then Wren asked for her usual order of eggs and toast. I decided to surprise them with bacon. I let them help me break up the egg yolks and stir in the bowl. They also add a little salt and pepper - but I hold their hands too ...for that.  :) They know the routine and per my request ...eagerly chose their own place mats to use on the table.

 For some reason, they chose to wait at the table instead of running off to play or watch a show on TV.   But breakfast was taking longer to cook because of the bacon factor.  So, they also chose to fuss with each other since they were sitting side by side.  (They usually sit on opposite sides.)  So,  I had to intervene. And once that little skirmish was resolved, I again admonished them that they had to sit properly in the chairs and not bother each other.

 Then as I often do with them when I am making it clear ...I said, "Capish?!"   It's our thing (I never did it with the boys or their older sister), and they know that when I say that in such a final ..although positive tone ...I expect that will be it.  Situation resolved when they say it back. Then I know we all understood each other.   And they always smile and then run off to something else.

So, Wren responded with, "Capish."   My usually says, "Abish."   Ha ha - so cute!)  But he just did not want to this time.  (he can be feisty and stubborn sometimes.  If you show anger - he gets worse.  So, I usually look for upbeat ways to get my point across.  And if necessary ...he gets a time out until he apologizes, etc. and he will go sit in the green chair and wait.  :)  And this time, I wanted him to acknowledge me and so I repeated, "Capish?!" 

 Nope! He was not gonna answer me this time.

I put the spatula down ...and transformed into the "Capish monster." Yes ...yes I did. Can we chalk it up to post (Insert that "M" word here) hormones (Did I just admit to The "M" word ...never mind post? ;) and leave it at that? All I'm saying is I can blame everything on hormones now - even if not true.  :)  And this Capish monster was wearing a  plush hot pink robe with Scotties and snowballs on it.  Certainly not my prettiest robe (although cute - says me) ...but I'm always drawn to Scotties and it's soft and warm.  Besides ...everyone knows that I was a fashion plate in that robe by Capish monster standards.  Just saying.  ;)

So ...from the other side of the kitchen ...arms up an in a silly monster voice only a girly in pink Capish monster can do, I said "C-A-P-I-S-H!" ... while walking slowly across the kitchen.  I repeated it until I got over to them. They were laughing so hard. When I got over to My, I said it really loud while I tickled his neck. He just squealed with delight, with Wren laughing heartily by his side. 

 Then I went back to the stove.

Myles wanted me to do it again, but I said I had to finish making their breakfast. He asked again and I said I couldn't. Then he hollered out, "ABISH ME!" Ha ha! Of course I had to then. So ...we played the "ABISH Me" monster game a couple more times, except now they were both laughing and dove under the table each time I walked over to them.

Then later that day ...during dinner, My looked up at me and sweetly said, "I like the way you cook." Awww ...he melted my heart ...right then and there. And Wren is so funny, because she always asks me what we're having for dinner and then will often say things like, "I don't like chicken.", or "I don't like carrots.", but she really does. I always say, "Yes you do like chicken." (or whatever) ...she'll respond with, "No I don't.", but she usually eats all the things she tells me she doesn't like.

Kids are just so darned CUTE! 

Especially when they are being ...ABISHED.  :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Even the Burned, Badly Iced Cookies ... (Thanksgiving Post)

Growing Deep Roots of Gratitude

For the first time in 38 years, I am missing the Thanksgiving celebration.  This cold that I thought wasn't a big deal ...has turned into a miserable one and so I stayed home.  I was going to go ...suck it up and just go ...but then I thought that might be selfish because my m-i-l is 83 going on 84 and an aunt just turned 81 and I didn't want to risk sharing this stupid upper respiratory infection.  I also thought about wearing one of those blue masks that one wears when working with chemicals, but it probably doesn't contain germs like a medical one would. ?  Plus that would be weird.  And then I thought about just going over for dessert, but then that would be silly - to possibly expose others to this when I am there for just a short time.  So I am ..just home alone.  Normally I love quiet time, but this is such a special holiday to share with others.

So ...I decided to bake more pumpkin cookies ...just because I could.  I'm very careful about handling food normally and even more so if ill.  And I'm not sneezing or coughing.

Well probably wasn't my best idea bake when feeling this poorly.  I kept screwing up this recipe that I have been making for 36 years.

 The first batch wasn't baked long enough and the icing was wrong from the beginning because I lost moisture by cooking it higher in the beginning and everything I did to try to compensate just made it worse.  And it was too thin on the cookies.  I even tried re-baking them with the icing on - not good.

The second batch of cookies came out burned on the bottom and a bit on top.  They weren't even bad icing worthy.  It's the first time I used parchment paper and I thought if you use parchment paper that cookies won't burn on the bottom.  They burn.  And like I said the top did as well.  I must've gotten sidetracked when the timer was going off.

Then I again tried to fix the icing but it just didn't dissolve correctly and seemed granular.  It is supposed to be smooth.  So I tossed it out and started over.

 The second batch of icing was perfect.

The 3rd batch of cookies were exactly what these pumpkin cookies should be and were topped with the now perfect icing.

  The 4th batch of cookies burned on bottom again, but not on top.  I iced them anyway.

 I never make these mistakes this badly.  Oh and I really burned my forearm, underneath toward my elbow.  Of course every year my joke is know I'm baking as evidenced by the burns you see on my hands or arms.  :) This time the door came back up on me when I was getting the tray out.  

I am chalking up my baking debacle to the cold medicine in combination with feeling wiped out.

Anyway ...I don't have the stamina to bake the fresh batch I've mixed together and so that is covered in fridge and I'll do that tomorrow.

So, I watched a bit of TV news but then switched to QVC.  Hearing the show hosts talking made it seem like someone was here.  And now I want that burgundy Bose radio/music player with CD changer for only 600.00 (wish list), and I want that little smiley Scrub Daddy sponge.  Oh and the long, extending, bendable ...magnetized flashlight wand.  :)

 It feels lonely today.

 It is so weird for me to not be happy with alone time.

And then it hit me ...boy ...I am feeling lonely ...on this Thanksgiving Holiday because I'm not celebrating with my family or anyone.  But ...imagine how people feel during the holidays or most days because they don't have anyone in their lives to share love and experiences with.  

 I will see everyone in a few hours when they come back home.

And imagine what it is like for people who don't have any food to eat ...not even burned ...badly iced cookies.  They might even be so hungry that those cookies would taste pretty good.

And some of those people might not be able to get warm because they live without a heat source.  They don't have the option of getting toasty warm and cozy ...under a soft quilt in a heated home.  Just last night I was feeling so grateful to get out of frigid temperatures ...made even colder my the strong wind whipping around me.

Also, it is such an annoying and frustrating feeling when you have so many things you want to do and your body just laughs back at you and says ...NO! 

But I know this too shall pass.  It's just a stupid cold.  There are other people who wish a cold was all they had to contend with.

So... I am very grateful for my family and friends and the many blessings in our lives.  Thank you God ...for all of our blessings and even for how you bring us through the tough times.  Thank you for loving us and all that means to all of us ...even though we often forget ...or sadly don't know.

 Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Different Kind of Pardon :)


Okay more thing and THEN ..I'm going.

Earlier, I heard this guy who called into a radio show suggest that instead of the president pardoning two turkeys every year, he should pardon 2 people from Obamacare every year.  :)

Some Night Before Thanksgiving Thoughts

O-h-h-h-h! I really do not want to go out in the cold to shop right now!  I just blossomed with a cold and all I really want to do is get in my crazy ...warm jammies and watch a movie while on the couch ...on my back propped up with comfy pillows and covered with a toasty blanket and have comfort food and drinks.  But ...I've procrastinated all day ...and I'm procrastinating now ...and I have to go.

Today turned out totally different then what I was all excited for.  My cousin called last night to inform me that they weren't coming to see us/have dinner out, etc., because it was snowing in the Adirondacks and icy and when she did leave ...she just wanted to go straight through to their main destination.  I was so disappointed, although certainly do understand.  Then today ...while still disappointed ...I am also relieved since feeling awful now.

Fortunately, we are going to my m-i-l's tomorrow and so I am only making a few things here and don't have to do the who;e dinner.  I LOVE holidays and getting together with everyone, but I kind of wish I could just stay home.  Even more importantly ...I don't want to give this to her or anyone.  But ...I will go.  Ha!  Earlier, I noticed we have those blue masks you wear for staining, etc., and I thought about using it ..but it probably wouldn't work anyway.

Anyway, my cousin is calling me tomorrow night to see if we can make plans for on her way back ..maybe me meeting her halfway for breakfast somewhere.  I'm trying to talk her into just go home through this way.  Although, I know her son has to get back to college the next day.  Also ...I know that I too would want to go straight home after my trip when on a tight schedule.  If meant to be will work out.

Well I really do have to go.

I hope to blog later, but if I don't  ..I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and can share time with loved ones.  And for those that have to work ...I hope your shift goes the way you like it to.

And I am very grateful for so many blessings in my life.  The very next blessing I will appreciate is coming back home with all the groceries and then getting all cozy.  :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Embarrassing Gyne Exam :)

Glitter Foldable Flats

Ha ha!  I just have to share this.  :)

So there I was conversing with the PA when she decided to share a funny story with me.

She told me she has a friend with small children who had been rushing to get out the door and to her gyne appointment.  She had already showered but decided to freshen up one more time with a wash cloth.  Later ...during the exam ...the doctor commented, "Boy SURE cleaned up for me!"  She wondered what he was talking about, but didn't ask.

It wasn't until she began getting dressed that she saw glitter on her panties and it wasn't until she got home and wiped herself that she discovered there was a lot of glitter on her Bajingoland area.


I busted out loud laughing in the gyne office and the PA joined in with me.  Ha ha!  I wonder what the other patients or staff thought?

This was especially funny to me because of the  Bajingoland glitter posts and comments I wrote - specifically Turquoise Bajingoland glittter and the subsequent comments in this blog and others. ED Doc Scalpel (miss him and wish he still blogged) and ED Doc WhiteCoat have linked to those posts.  :)

I asked the PA what color and she didn't know, but I was picturing turquoise.

I don't know how she DIDN'T ask the doctor what he meant.  I would think most women take extra care for those exams and so at first it would be like the ultimate gyne compliment.  Okay maybe not the ultimate ..but up there.  Every ...most women want an A+ for hygiene in a Bajingoland appointment. 

My second reaction though would be ...wait ...what?  What were the other patients before me like that you're this enthusiastic?  And WHAT was my Bajingoland all the other times???

And I absolutely would've died a thousand deaths right in the exam room once I saw the glitter on my panties.  And I absolutely could NOT have left the office without getting a mirror out  ...and then on my way out explain to anyone that had ears that I didn't know and it must've been the kids ..honest.  I'd tell the mailman ...anyone.

But if I didn't realize fully what happened until I got home ...once I knew, I'd be on the phone so fast calling their office and if I had to leave a message ..well that would be tricky.  Because while everything in me would want to talk directly to the doctor to explain ...and hopefully not disappoint ;) ...I would not want to pull him out of his routine.  But can you imagine leaving this message with the receptionist ...or on their voice mail?

The doctor's face must've been priceless too ...when he first saw it.  i wonder what HE was thinking?  Funny he commented.  maybe he thought he should know ...compliment her efforts or something.  :)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dird :)

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Imagine if dogs could fly ...birds could bark ...and a DIRD could protect your house.  Just saying.  :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chicken - Egg Joke and After Thought :)

I couldn't resist.  :)

I have felt I know the answer to that age old question. 

Actually it is the chicken.

Pure logic really.

Well for someone who believes God created man.

I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to know...

First created ...then procreated.

It's a pattern ...a God creative pattern of creation.

Btw ...I don't know why, but I am amused by their body shapes under the blanket.  :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bob Pics :)

Younger son (in Santa hat), put this up in his FB and so I just have to share his compilation of Bob pictures.  Oh my GOSH!  Boy do I really WANT another German Shepherd, but we do have our sweet Faith now ...a midsized GSD mix.  I don't want to say much about Bob in this little post, because someday ...I do want to write a series of posts about the different dogs we've had in our family since we first moved into our house.  Bob was for younger son when he was 12 and was the replacement for older son's sweet dog, Sprocket ...after she passed.  And we can never replace them ...but the new dog does help the healing process as they win you over with their own unique traits.

Anyway ...these pictures do not do him justice as he was a very handsome dog.

And I just LOVE the little puppy eyes/eyebrows and round puppy belly.  :)

I remember that I was so shocked when I was sitting at the table with my morning coffee when all of a sudden he decided to just hop up on a chair near me.  :)  He was still a teenager then - maybe a year old.  And he stayed there even when I left to get the camera.  Ha ha! 

So many captions could go under the picture of Bob sitting on the chair.  "What?  *I'm* human.  Isn't this what we're supposed to do with chairs - SIT on them?"

"Where's MY coffee?"

"Hey ...look what I can do!"

"Oh ...we're sitting at the table now ...OKAY!"

This was also his pack leader period.  Until we hired a trainer to come to the house ...Bob was ruling us

Maybe that infamous picture of all the dogs sitting around the table playing poker isn't so far fetched after all.  Who knows what they REALLY do when we aren't around.  Just saying. 

Anyway ...looking at his chair picture again ...I think Bob would look cool wearing a pair of aviator glasses.  Yes aviators would suit him.  :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Could They Really Do THIS?! (Link about law for doctors at bottom of post)

Could they really FORCE Physicians to comply?

What about rights and the personal freedom to choose as an American?  What about the fact that doctors are losing money to these programs now and this was an issue even before the ACA became the law of the land?

This all has to stop.  With all my heart and intellect I truly believe they should scrap most of the law ...except keep certain things that BOTH parties HAVE always AGREED on ...even though it is never reported that conservatives also agree about pre-existing conditions and some other things.  And then target specific areas to improve and also open up state borders so people can shop comparatively which will bring insurances prices down.

I do not have any faith in most politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Once upon a time, I did ...I really did.  But after witnessing the things I have over the last few years ...not so much.  We need someone who will put the good of the country and her people before their own personal agenda.  Is it possible?

Hope springs eternal.

And I want my doctors to experience professional blessings on many levels.  To not feel discouraged ...or like giving up everything they worked so hard to accomplish.  While I do like my new PCP that I've had for about 2 yrs and we are getting to know each other, I still very much miss my former PCP.  He had to give up his solo practice because of low insurance reimbursement and high overhead costs.  I think that was so sad and to quote one of his receptionists, it was "heart wrenching", saying goodbye to their patients. It was heart wrenching for me to say goodbye to him.  :(

HERE is the link to my post about losing my doctor.

They worked so hard at putting in all the years of training and not without personal sacrifices all along the way.  We need doctors.  We want to keep our doctors of choice.

I feel so very sorry for the people that have bonded with their docs and are now losing them.  It must be especially alarming for the elderly ..and/or the seriously chronically and terminally ill patients too.  And I'm thinking ...losing long term patients they've bonded with must be hard on the doctors too.

This is all so sad, frustrating and alarming.  Someone ...or something ...has to come along to turn this around for the better.  For the good of all of us, I pray good will come out of the bad we are witnessing now.

A LAW forcing doctors to accept Medicaid and Medicare patients?.