Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parts I & II ~ CHEESED! - The Cream Cheese Deodorant Caper ;)

I finished the second part of this post and decided to combine them as Parts I & II. So, for those of you that read the first part ...just scroll down to Part II. :)


I wrote a post for April Fool's Day called, "Soooo Very Tempted!", in which I wrote about various pranks that I thought would be funny to play on someone. I read about them in an article on line and the link is in the post.

My favorite was the one replacing deodorant with ...CREAM CHEESE. ;) LOL!!! Sorry ...I just can't help myself with this one.

While lying in bed in the dark next to Mr SeaSpray that night, I asked him if ...hypothetically speaking ...Some one had replaced his deodorant with cream cheese as an April Fool's joke and if he ...hypothetically speaking ...put it on and went to work with it on ..would he think it was funny? His answer was predictable, which was "NO!"

I then said ..."Well younger son and I think it is a HILARIOUS joke!"

He didn't say anything, but within seconds ...just the image caused me to giggle in silence... but then my body began heaving in silent laughter ...until I just bust out laughing and said ..."Well ...I think it is VERY funny!", and then continued with the giggles. He had to get up, not long after that, and while he didn't say it ...I wouldn't be surprised if he smelled his deodorant or brought in bathroom to look at first. :)
So, the next morning, I brought the prank up to son again. I said,"I wonder if I should play the cream cheese deodorant prank on your brother tonight, since I will be over there baby sitting? Devan (9 years old) could help."

Younger son said, "DO IT Mom! Devan was playing April fool jokes on her mother this morning, she'll LOVE it!" I agreed. I promptly went to fridge to get some cream cheese to put in a little Ziploc bag for what was later to be the cream cheese caper ...employed. :)
As soon as my son and d-i-l left for the evening, I told my sweet Devan of my plan to play this joke on her dad. She LOVED it! Her eyes lit up and she got the infamous impish grin I've come to know so well in older son, who just loved to play practical jokes when he was 9. He still does. :)

So, I gave her the cream cheese and told her to put it in the fridge and we will replace her dad's deodorant with the cream cheese later ...after I get the babies to bed. We were laughing about our plan all night. :)
Finally, the moment came! And we had to hurry, because they were coming back from their anniversary dinner soon. She ran to get the cream cheese and brought it over to me. But ..she had put it in the freezer and so was frozen solid.

There was another problem. I was hoping his deodorant was the kind that is pushed up through the little holes, but, instead it was a solid white top. Uh oh ...we were gonna have to scoop and sculpt! At least it was white. Actually, first I had to slice the entire top off with a knife. (I really liked the manly scent of that deodorant.) With deodorant shavings on the kitchen counter and Devan laughing and giggling as we plotted our joke ...I proceeded to scoop out just enough to anchor the cream cheese into it ...once we got it soft enough.

I opened the bag and broke the frozen cream cheese in half and gave her one to heat up in her hands and one for me. But, there was a problem with that. The warmed cheese was getting tacky in our hands. So we put it back in the plastic bag and washed our hands. We also decided to go downstairs to buy us more time in case they walked in the door.

So ...we sat on the sofas and placed the sculpting dinner knife on the coffee table while I tried to warm the cheese still in the bag my hands. Then I told Devan ...we need to find a way to warm this faster. And then I got an idea ...I told her I would put the cheese in my bra ...deep down in my bra. And so I did exactly that and BOY was that cold! And I also pushed on it from the outside to aid in trapping the heat. I did this for a few minutes and indeed it did soften ...but needed to soften a bit more and so I put it in another place down my bra. Boy was that cold! :)

And then Devan began squealing with laughter ...even her eyes were laughing ...lit up all sparkly and all. In between laughing she said, "Mum mum! You're the ONLY person I know that puts cream cheese down her bra! can I tell my friends?!" LOL! :)

First off ...wasn't she just so thoughtful to ask permission to tell her friends? :) I laughed and said "Yes can, but make sure you tell them I didn't just put cream cheese in my bra, but it was in a plastic bag." She agreed. Although really wouldn't matter.
The cheese was finally soft enough and so I placed some on the deodorant stick ...making sure to press/anchor it down into the scooped out section. It was a good thing it was frozen because any softer and it would not be workable.

So there we were ...Devan to my left and Lily, their chocolate lab other accomplice my right. She was so cute. Lily sat there all alert ...watching everything we did and every time pieces of cream cheese dropped on the table or the rug ...she promptly licked them up. I think she knew son and d-i-l were coming home soon too! ;)

I was using my fingers to try to reshape it and Devan also assisted. But ...again the cream cheese was becoming tacky. What to do? What to do? Then I thought of pottery ...using water to smooth it out. So, Devan ran upstairs to get a cup of water and brought it back down. Perfect solution! I was able to mold it into shape .., packing down for firmness and then building it back up again ...then packing down and finally shaping it by rounding the top and pressing in along the sides. I thought it was done and about to put the lid on and she said "Wait Mum mum! We need to make a hole in the top!" "You're right! Go bring a fork down." It's a good thing she remembered that, because ...VOILA! It looked just like his deodorant ...albeit a little off white as compared to the original bright white deodorant. And interestingly smelled kind of good ...almost edible ...a clean cream cheese kind of scent. It created a felling of wanting to eat and wash with it. :)

Anyway, I then wiped all the cream cheese off the sides and Lily had cleaned all the cream cheese that had dropped down on the table and floor. Devan popped the lid back on. We were laughing so hard at the thought of her dad smearing cream cheese under his arms and if for some reason it all melted and got funky ...we still laughed at what would be his reaction be. I imagined he'd be baffled and say, "What the h-e-c-k.?"

Devan put it in the bathroom just in time before they came home. I told her not to say anything. Don't ask him if he took a shower or used his deodorant because then he'd know something was up. She had to act normal and forget about it. She agreed.

After they came in ...we were all sitting on the sectional and she got the giggles ...just a little, but caught herself and went to bed not long after.

And I left not long after that ...giggling out loud as I drove home, thinking about Operation Cream Cheese Deodorant ...officially put into action.

Then when I got home, I woke Mr SeaSpray up when he heard me come into the bedroom. I began laughing as I told him what Devan and I did, Even thought he didn't laugh out loud ...I saw his smirk. "AHA! He does think it's funny!", I thought. :)

Eager to hear what happened with the cream cheese deodorant in the morning ...I am pretty sure I fell asleep with a smile on my face. :)

To be continued ....
Part II

But ...when the hours passed by in the morning and I didn't hear anything ...I wondered if he used it yet ... or if he did ... was he mad? Or if he did, figured I did it, but wouldn't give satisfaction I got him? You know ...reverse the joke and make the other person wonder and squirm. I knew he showered in the morning and had to have used it ...but then maybe he didn't because I knew he was going out to a friend's birthday party at night and maybe would shower then. But, I only did it when I was there because I knew he didn't have to work the next morning. I really didn't want him to wreak of cream cheese at work. But then I thought ..."Oh no ...what if he DID have to go in and what if he met a client and what if he wreaked of cream cheese when with the client?"

The silence was beginning to work on me and so I told younger son what I did and then asked if I should tell his brother? He said, "No mom ...DON'T tell him! You'll ruin it!" (Remember, he was the other accomplice? He egged me on to play the joke on his brother that previous morning. :)

As time went on ...I vacillated between laughing about it and then worrying about it.

Still no news in the afternoon!

By late afternoon, I decided to call son ...pretending I needed him to fill in some holes the dog made in the back yard. Now, I would never ask him to do anything like that because Mr SeaSpray and younger son do the outside work. And I made it sound like there were a lot of holes to be filled, when in reality ...our resident doggie digger only dug one hole in the back yard to be filled. But, I just wanted to see if he'd mention anything about the deodorant or taking a shower.

So ...I called, asked him to come over to fill in holes in the yard because it would really help dad out and he exclaimed, "What?! WHY do you want me to do that?!" Even that was funny because it was so out of left field that I would ask such a thing. Ha ha! :)

He was watching the new baby. And so I said .."Well then know what's not a big deal ...Dad will do it." He must've thought I was from Mars at that point. And of course he would help with something if necessry, but that was not at all something he would be asked to do and so randomly at that. :)

Did I find out if he used the deodorant? Nope!


Then I began to wonder if he'd have used it, not know and then wreak of cheese around his friends? Or ...if he caught it before going out, what if that one shirt was exactly what he wanted to wear? I vacillated between telling him and letting it go.

I let it go.

But then by dinnertime I just couldn't stand it and so I decided to call Devan on her cell phone. I asked her if he used it and he did and my d-i-l said he was annoyed. Uh oh ..although ...c'mon THAT was funny!

So, I called him back and said I knew he used it and didn't he think it was funny? "It was annoying Mom." "Oh c'mon! I know you ...I know you think that was funny ...what happened?"

He said he opened it and wondered what was wrong with it and thought the heat got to it or something. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

After using it, he wiped it back off.

Then Devan later told me he was mad when he had to take another shower before going out that night to the party. Fine ...I can appreciate the inconvenience ...but I still think it was a great prank. :)

Does this mean I am a bad Mom? I don't think so. We both have that teasing nature. Even as adults, we've had tug of wars with an afghan, wrestle things away from each other, push against each other while standing, wrestle with doors, squirt with he backyard hose and I don't even remember everything. Oh and a few years ago, I even wrote about the night we were pelting each other with cherry tomatoes. I forget why though. Well, there never really has to be a reason.

And BY-THE-WAY ....he is currently the culprit behind an ongoing joke with unsolicited mail coming to our house ...for a couple of YEARS now. Need I say more? I am going to write a post soon about that ongoing joke. I laugh every time I see the stuff in the mail and then we have to get rid of it. Well some we keep ...but it is a funny joke ...because it keeps on going. First just the idea of it and then continually doing it ..too funny.

So ...the apple does not fall far from the tree here.

Oh and I did have a talk with Devan that you have to be careful not to hurt anyone in a joke and we discussed that too. I did play a not so nice prank once with a snake and I was wrong, although God forgive me it was also funny. But it was exactly the kind of joke one should N-E-V-E-R play on someone. I was 22 or 23 back then and a lot of people were in on it ...not just me ..although it was my idea. I would not do that now. I did write a post about it.

Anyway ...the next time son came over soon as he got out of the car, I said, "You HAD to think that deodorant joke was funny!"

"Not really."

"What?! Oh C'MON! I KNOW that you KNOW that was a funny joke!" And by then ...he was closer to me and I saw that knowing glint in his eye and he grinned.

And ...I also know what they say about payback. I can take it. Well ...within reason. I wouldn't want to wake up with a tarantula next to me on my pillow. I'm just saying.

PS I love that Devan and I will share this funny memory ... the Cream Cheese Deodorant Caper. It was such fun to see her absolute glee in carrying this out ...her eyes lit up with laughter, joyful giggles and impish grin ...reminding me of her dad when he was her age. Again ...the apple didn't fall far from the tree. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day! :) Happy Passover! :)

I love the flash dances!

If you have the time, watching this upbeat video celebrating the resurrection is a great way to start Easter morning ...or any day for that matter. I really like this song. :)

It's so neat seeing people united as one in faith, express their love for Jesus, with this joyful dance. In so doing, they are giving honor to his sacrifice on the cross and the glorious resurrection. It is a celebration of victory over death and the promise of eternal life. It is a message of love and hope for all mankind.

My granddaughter Devan and I had a wonderful day together yesterday. We went to an Easter egg hunt at church, had some treats, she did some crafts and entered a small raffle. She didn't win anything, but it is always fun to anticipate. :) And we met some really nice people. Then we went shopping in a few stores. One of them was the local farmers market and I showed her how to choose the best fruits and vegetables. She took it all very seriously and wanted to be the one to pick everything out. She did a good job. I asked her if she'd like to get her Mom some flowers for Easter and she picked out a pretty, single orange and rose red rose. We kept it fresh in my glass of water I had in the car, while we shopped elsewhere. She was so excited about giving it to her Mom. :) My favorite part of the day, was that we spent so much time talking and sharing our thoughts. She is very bright for her age and a delight to be around. And I just love her joyful spirit! I was so blessed to have a Devan day. :)

Most of us will be spending Easter over at my m-i-l's house, where other family will visit as well. And aside from lots of good food ...there will be the traditional outdoor Easter egg hunt. I hear there are 3 dozen eggs to find. :) Younger son has to work, though and so will miss most of the day. We will miss him, but hopefully he will be able to stop in before everyone leaves.

It will be fun to watch almost 23 month old Wrenna get her Easter baskets and look for eggs. And it will be new baby Grandson's first Easter.

May everyone celebrating Easter have a wonderful day!

And I wish my Jewish friends a Happy Passover! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Change in the Wind ... *Believing* in Positive Possibilities

things are possible to him who believes. ~Jesus

When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.
~Deepak Chopra

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. ~Confucius

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. ~Harrison Ford

The light of starry dreams can only be seen once we escape the blinding cities of disbelief. ~Shawn Purvis

I'm not old enough to play baseball or football. I'm not eight yet. My mom told me when you start baseball, you aren't going to be able to run that fast because you had an operation. I told Mom I wouldn't need to run that fast. When I play baseball, I'll just hit them out of the park. Then I'll be able to walk. ~Edward J. McGrath, Jr., "An Exceptional View of Life," quoted in Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen, 1993

The Consequences of the More Circuitous Route

Oh THIS is great! Very funny! LOVE it! (Make sure you watch it to the end, past the little 5 second promo. Ha! We should all love our jobs that much. :)

Sure ...NOW I'm laughing. Believe me I was not when I got hung up on some things like only having one of son's 1099-div and then finally seeing the other one stuck to the back of it ...and like not having the 1099-B and having to call and then not until after midnight realizing ...she didn't give me the date of the actual sale and so I had to wing it. The amount and month are exact and the date may ..or may not be the day it may be the day I called to sell or may be the sell date ...which I really hope is the date I wrote down with a confirmation number back in November. What's a day or 2 or so? It wouldn't affect the outcome.

Or when the program says you may ...or may not have errors, but you should review them anyway. I only had two on the federal, but one was correct ...but the other ...well ...I can tell you that staring and huffing and puffing and whining at the amount or getting up to get a snack ...doesn't make it any clearer. Praying for an answer did though. It gave me the confidence to say ..what the hay ..or is that hey? Heck ..what the heck? Actually, none of those were the word I used at 02:00. Anyway ...suffice it to know I was able to let go ...and move on.

I probably should've stayed with one at a time ..but I was moving in and out of ours and our younger son's and changing things around to try to get more for him, but in the end ..went back to the first thing I did. And it is really frustrating when you have significant medical to claim and a lot of work by the way ...all those receipts and mileage and all that ...only to find out that the standard deduction is recommended after all. (I try to eek out every cent just in case that one penny is the one to get us down to a lower bracket :) And then of course because I was annoyed ...I decided to play with the numbers ...putting erroneously large numbers in our favor in ..just to see all the lovely refund possibilities. Then I changed them back. That was my annoyed, punchy period. A cup of vanilla Hazelnut tea got me back on track. :)

But ...when you do the taxes ...don't you just sometimes think ...close ...yet so far has to be wrong? And at one point ...when something kicked it up in our favor was new and I was concerned I made a mistake even tho I wanted to be right. So ...then I am reading through all these laws. Tedious in the wee hours of the morning. I am pretty certain ...had I just done them earlier I would've breezed through more quickly and I could also have called an accountant I've used every now and then.

And there were other things the AGI ...not matching up in the system, but when I looked at the hard copy it was. Which then leaves me with a feeling of do I know it is all calculating in the system correctly. But, then I realized in my bleary eyed state ...I was transposing the numbers on the lines! Of course Mr SeaSpray did not help me feel better after I told him the amounts because he said I don't know why some people get so much more back and they don't have kids in school or mortgages.

I've heard accountants can find things that we miss. But the few times I've used them ...they didn't seem to do anything differently then I do ...except for the one year when some code changed. But that was pre-computer days. I answer the questions. I am methodical with receipts and triple check my figures before entering. I figured ...why do all this work and then all they have to do is take my figures and then I pay at least a few hundred dollars?

Stress is why it may be worth it!

And I've written about this before, but this one tax guy gas taken my calls in the past ...letting me have a free answer ...just because he enjoys hearing me stress and sweat it out. (That was funny when he was chuckling as he said that one day. :) He would've loved a video today and tonight. Okay I could've finished during working hours but I have procrastinated horribly this time around. I've had some distractions. Although the result is always the same ..I finish on the deadline or a few hrs after. I have that figured out too.

Being an east coast girl, I found that if I e-file ...I really have until 3 am east coast time because the returns are filed to a west coast bank ...3 hr time difference. Tonight though ...I didn't even make the 3 am deadline ..well my deadline of 3 am. And don't anyone stress me out by telling me I will go to the hoosegow for it either. I'm one of those people afraid to rip tags off pillows and mattresses because I believe the warnings in bold type. :)
This year ...I was especially miserable doing the taxes ...or I should say ...avoiding doing them. You always know you have to do it. I reminded myself of the Family Circus kids in the cartoons where you see their footsteps going everywhere but the direct line home they are supposed to be on. That was me this year on the more circuitous route of avoidance.

By the time I was done ...after I hit send ...I half expected the forms to be spewed out of Bajingoland because I felt like I birthed something!

I told Mr SeaSpray ...that's it! Never again! We are paying someone next year! I always say that. I mean it this time though. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Review of Last Night's Celebrity Apprentice
John Rich and Marlee Matlin - team leaders on last night's Celebrity Apprentice. While Marlee's team blew the men's team away, by about 400,00 dollars or so ...over 600,00 dollars earned by the men is nothing to sneeze at. Both teams were winners for their charities. :)

What an interesting episode!

Stressful too, when the women were late because of NYC traffic, in setting up their art. Slow start ...but boy did they make up for their seeming lack of preparation.

I referred to Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice as a train wreck in my previous post. I only meant it with his seeming lack of ability to focus and being disruptive in the tasks. I had also complimented him as being sweet and intelligent. (Some people march to a different drummer and will still get the same results ..just the more circuitous route ...or perhaps a shortcut no one else sees) That being said did seem to be the group's consensus when trying to decide who to vote off.

It was sweet seeing Marlee Matlin go to bat for Gary.

I was torn about letting the guys avoid being fired even tho they lost, because it was such a monumental night for raising money for charities on both sides and the good vibes were flowing. That being said is business and the rules are the rules. The women lost 3 times in a row, now down 3 players. If they let the guys keep a player, it could work against them in the future.

Nice is nice.

But ...fair is fair.

It's a competition.

It's business.

And you know what the Donald would've done.

I do agree Richard Hatch was the one to go based on the criteria used, particularly his power to draw money in in the future. Although, way more focused then Gary and would've been interesting to see how he managed the big leagues when he was up to bat. He is a shrewd man.

Speaking of bat ...I was sorry to hear about former baseball player, Jose Canesco having to leave the show because his father was seriously ill. I wasn't especially impressed by his apprentice skills as yet, although he was easy on the eyes. :) Perhaps Trump was willing to give the guys a pass because they lost Jose during that task, and so technically they are down 2 guys.

I was shocked to see Meatloaf go off on Gary, accusing him of stealing his paints. I was in the shower when my TiVo released the pause and so I missed the part where he found his own paint, but came back into it when he was sincerely apologizing to Gary ...and Gary was kind and did forgive him ..even reassured him it's forgotten and to let it go now.

It's always encouraging to witness a reconciliation. There is power in accountability and forgiveness. Both men stepped up to the plate on that one.

And then finally was exciting to see the money pouring in for the charities! It was touching when LaToya Jackson gave up a special shirt (only 2 in existence) that Michael Jackson had signed. She brought it everywhere with her. Someone donated 99,000 for that shirt alone. After Trump kicked in 14,000 dollars, the women's team raised over a million dollars for Marlee's charity. WOW!

But, John Rich had one donor give 470,000 for his bedazzled guitar. Four hundred and seventy thousand dollars! Phenomenal! His team brought in over 600,00 dollars. No wonder Trump was in such a gregarious mood in the board room. He said that one task raised more money than had been raised in any one entire season.

Over a million dollars went to the Starkey Hearing Foundation - Marlee Matlin's charity and over 600,00 went to St. Jude's Children's Hospital -John Rich's charity.

How wonderful is that?!

It will be fun to see then accept their checks next week.

I can't wait to see next week's Celebrity Apprentice. :)

*Do any of my fellow bloggers watch this show? If so ...what is your take on last night's episode? This inquiring mind wants to know. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Favorite Show :)


On tonight 4, on at 9 - 11pm est.

Weird to think Trump may run for president. I don't know how I feel about that ...but I hope he does because it will certainly be interesting and he will command attention on the financial front... maybe get some other people moving to do what they should be doing.

I wish Lisa didn't get voted off. If only she thought faster on her feet, she could've hotten Dion off. Glad Dion was fired last week. What a Diva! NOT a team player all and counterproductive.

There are people I like on both teams. Gary Busey makes me crazy because I feel sorry for him for how his behavior causes others to reject him. Maybe it's a form of ADHD or from brain injury or just his quirks. Has a sweet side too and I am sure intelligent ...just operates in a different realm or so it seems. Like watching a train wreck in human form ...thus far.

I would've voted for the Women's commercial for the ACN picture phone last week. Guys were funny, but I liked the sentimentality.

Star has been a star and is someone to be reckoned with, but I just didn't like how she was with Lisa. I think she will get far in the game. She's good at whatever she puts her mind to. I like her. Other contestents will be rising stars too.

I think Meatloaf freaks out tonight. Will be interesting to see why. He has been a strong player all along.

I think it's terrific all proceeds go to a favorite charity and not small change either.

Inspiring to see them raise money for charity. :)

Something Fun :)

Check this out! They did a great job. :)

I didn't know there were black scrubs too. I would hate seeing them in the OR ...or anywhere in a hospital because they would remind me of the grim reaper or something like that. Depressing in a medical environment ...says me.

I found this video in the "Multitasking Procrastinator" blog, by Dr Sarah Parrot. I was happy to see she is blogging again. She was my very first commenter in this blog fifth post to be exact. ..November 18, 2006 be even more exact. :) Her taking the time to comment wowed me. I was excited that she actually read and liked my blog and that greatly inspired me to keep writing. After that, I was into blogging ...hook, line and sinker. :)

I can't believe I have been blogging for so long. And I'm glad that most of the bloggers I am familiar with are still in the blogiverse too. And I've enjoyed meeting the newer blogging friends. Great hobby. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Soooooo Very TEMPTED!! ;)

My computer opens up to the MSN web page.

And they have an article on April Fool's day pranks. They are so GOOOOOD! I am absolutely going to do these in the future and maybe tonight.

I have to tell you, I am so very tempted to do the cream cheese joke before I go to bed. (Chuckling at the thought of it now. :)

You take the deodorant and scrape off an inch of deodorant and replace it with cream cheese. Ha ha! I have cream cheese and Mr SeaSpray and son have deodorant!

Now ...Mr SeaSpray gets up at 4:30am and so when ready to dress, he comes back and dresses only by the blue alarm clock light. He keeps his deodorant in his highboy and so basically ...I know ..he would not even know he was putting cream cheese on ...unless it sticks... or he smells it. Which would be okay, because if he went to work that way ...I am pretty certain he will not appreciate smelling like manly cream cheese emanating from under his shirt souring half way through the morning ...if even that long. But he has a routine ...and I know cream cheese deodorant would throw it off ...maybe. :)

Actually, I am pretty sure he would be mad if he figured it out while at his highboy. He is not at all the prankster type.

I can't help it ...I think it's hilarious!

What to doooo ...what do doooo. :)

Now son ..he would take it better, but he's in his room doing homework and so I can't get to it ..I don't think... unless I can distract with something. Thinking ..on that. He just came out and so I asked him what he thought about the prank and he said "I think it's hilarious, but don't do it to dad ..he won't laugh." Why does that still tempt me???

The perfect one is older son. I am going up to babysit tomorrow night. PERFECT opportunity! Now, if I really do this ...I can imagine older son thinking it is funny. Maybe annoyed ..but he'd laugh. He and I both get this glint in our eye that is a telltale sign we're up to something impish. My close friend said she can always tale because my eyes dance with a sparkle. :)

My second favorite is getting filled donuts and sucking the filling out. Okay this one is already a win-win prank. Sucking the yummy filling out ...with a straw? Bavarian cream! That would be my filling choice. :)

Then use a squirt bottle, turkey baster or syringe to refill with catsup. And if you think about it could get creative with that filling. ;) Okay ..this one is excellent! Oh I am soooo gonna do this sometime. It would be great to do at work. Just a few ...mixed in with regular filled donuts ...maybe underneath the good ones. Oh this makes me giggle too. :)

Then there is the Chinese fortune cookie prank. Take a cookie..remove the existing fortune with tweezers and replace with one that says "Help ..I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory." Then put on someone's plate. That would be a good one for the future. :)

And the clear nail polish on tips of pens and pencils at work ..also funny.

I also like putting lawn decorations in someone's yard. My friend's sons you to steal all the plastic yard decorations and put them in one neighbor's yard. They were in HS. I certainly don't advocate stealing, but funny.

I am really craving a Bavarian cream filled donut with chocolate on top. I could really, really go for one ..literally a few miles a way ...Dunkin Donuts.

But ...instead...I am going to go hold the cream cheese while I ponder ...what to doooo ...what to dooo? :)

Wait ...just one more prank - then the holding of the cream cheese. ;)

Okay if I came in to work and saw that ...I'd crack up. Very funny! :) And then know what they say about payback ... ;)

*For exact specifics of these pranks and other ideas (You may prefer the other pranks), go to the following link: