Monday, June 28, 2010

Post :"My Physician Used the "P" Word" MIA?

Twenty six days ago I enthusiastically wrote a post called "My Physician Used the "P" Word." Anyone remember that post from so long ago? I am still Ecstatic about the use of the "P" word. I just got side tracked with other things and I wanted to be thoughtful about the rest of the post. Also seems that once I announce there will be another part to a post or discuss a post idea'll never see it again. It's a surefire way of preventing myself from NOT writing said posts.

But this one really was important to me and I want to share the rest of the story. I want to explain why his "P" word meant so much to me. True to SeaSpray form is a tad lengthy and so I broke it up into 3 parts..but it is together in one post now for continuity over in the new blog. ("The Positive Medical Blog")

Here is the rest of the post :"My Physician Used the "P" Word"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

1 a.m. Rendezvous

Ha! Thursday night ..I was ready to hit the sack by 8:30pm ..something highly unusual for this veteran night owl. But I did wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed (early) and had a fun day. Also a productive day.

Later in the day, I got the idea to have De*van and her friend over to dinner (Dominos pizza per the girls choice), swimming, movie and sleep over. So I picked them up and met her friend's Mom. She commented that she hoped her daughter made it through the night with this sleepover.

Not the least bit daunted by the red flag ..I cheerily said she'd be fine and they'd be ready for sleep by the time the night was over. They swam until 10pm or so. Then we watched Tooth Fairy ..which was really funny. :) Actually, before the movie she did say she thought she might want to go home and so I said then I would take her then. But she said she would stay the night. After several queries about her plans ..I accepted that she would indeed stay the night.

Movie over ..she called her mom to say good night.

The girls settled in to sleep ..but then Devan got up and accidentally stepped on the cat's tail in the kitchen. If you step on this cat's tail ..he is so loud and shoots you this look of utter disdain as though you are the Antichrist. He's actually scary looking. And sure enough... the cat squawked so loud he scared us even tho we saw it happen. And I guess that was enough for her friend to want to go home.

I tried to comfort her with different things and the fact that her friend was right there with her. I tried to persuade her with swimming in the morning. I even hugged her and said a real quick silent prayer that she'd stay.

NOPE! Tears streaming down her face. Aww ..I did feel sorry for her ..I was just so tired.

Okay then. Now it was 12:30 am and I was making plans to meet her mom near where she lived because she didn't remember exactly where that was and I did not want to be cruising around alone at night in an area I am unfamiliar with.

I had already taken my makeup off and washed up for the night and was just in my bathing suit and really was too tired to change. And so I just put this little hot pink strapless cover up on over my pink an black bathing suit and slipped a pair of non matching flip flops on. I woke Mr SeaSpray up so he'd know I was out driving her home. I'm not sure what he absorbed.

I was so sleepy and not in the mood to do this ..but was being cheerful to the apologetic mom. I told them our older son did that once and I had to go get him. She'll outgrow it.

So ..I grabbed my pocketbook, her big overnight bag, my keys and my mug of hot green tea to keep me awake ..even though I think it was decaffeinated.

She's sniffling in the back seat and I was talking about how nice it was to have her over, and about the beautiful full moon.

I felt creepy taking her home and I wasn't sure why.

Our rendezvous took place at about 1am.

Then after I dropped her off ..and was leaving ..I realized why I was feeling uneasy.

It was a summer night, my windows were open and I had turned the music up after we parted. I realized that I was driving right where I totaled a car one night, so many summers ago. I KNOW angels protected us. I do KNOW that. There is no other explanation for how we not only survived an air born car that nosedived and rolled in the valley below while we were all not belted ...but that we all pretty much walked away with out lasting injuries. I still can't remember which side of the stables I went up on. Just that I was driving very fast, brakes locked, I skidded to the right, back to the the left ..just missed the car that startled me with it's lights and up over the embankment and we were air born. It all happened so quickly seconds. And it all happened right across from the entrance to where they live. Now if "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" came on ..I'd of been a bit freaked out.

I'm not superstitious at all. But every now and then I feel like tempting fate somehow invokes Murphy's Law. "Anything that can possibly go wrong does." I got to thinking about what I was wearing .. a bathing suit and no makeup ..and God forbid I had an accident and was brought to the ED I worked in. They wouldn't care ..but I would.

Needless to say ..I drove home real carefully.

On the upside of this little midnight ride least I got to enjoy seeing the full moon for most of the ride back home. And I felt really good walking back in the door. I don't know why for sure ..but even aside from the subconscious connection to that past accident ..I felt creepy being out tonight. Even when walking up to my own door. I don't usually feel that way. I wonder why I did?

Well ..finally ..I'm yawning and I think I can sleep.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Stop Using Soap

YIKES! Shower Head Gone Wild!

Actually I screamed ..with shock and dismay. (Giggle)

I was almost done in the shower and had been using Ocean Breezes shower gel and the attachment shower head for shaving my legs and had opened the shower curtains. Soapy hands and slippery hoses and handles don't mix! The separate attachment for the shower head completely slipped and twisted outward when I reached up to turn the shower off ...dousing ..everything - including ceiling on the left side of the bathroom!!!

I really hate when I get forced into cleaning something unintended at that point in time... especially since I am going out shortly. Of course it was worse when the soapy refrigerator glass bottom slipped out of my hand a few weeks ago and I was standing in millions of shards of glass while barefoot and for some reason unbeknownst to me (the little shards of glass) was popping up around me... but that's for a different post. :)

I guess I should just stop using soap! ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's 8:34 pm and I can hardly keep my eyes open!

And I'm yawning and yawning and basically useless for doing anything.

I feel like Dorothy going down in the poppy fields kind of tired.


I have been MIA in blogdom lately. I've been trying to come in to other blogs and read/comment ..but too tired. I read a few words and right back out again. And I am behind with my own posts (Remember I still have to do Part II to the "P" post?) And write in the new blog ..the Positive Medical Blog. (See link on top side bar. I'm too tired to link) Thanks for being patient with me Angel and Lockup Doc. :)

I've also been super busy and also swimming a lot in the pool. Although ..tonight ..I felt like I'd fall asleep while swimming... and still I pushed through ..swimming and other water exercises and frolicking .. but not with the usual energy that water evokes from me. And up before the birds this morning.

I love water. I'd do everything in it if I could. I'd love to sleep outside (mmmm s-l-e-e-p) over nite on the raft if I could ..but I tried that and it doesn't work. Bugs, too damp and bladder call... of and bears ..big black bears lumbering through the yard.

So's 8:47pm and I am saying good night. It's still light out too..but I am going to sleep now.

I look forward to being bright eyed and bushy tailed early in the morning! Catching up on blogging too! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ItchaRashaPhobe! :) Happy Father's Day!

Every time and I do mean E-V-E-R-Y time a patient came into the ED stating that they had poison ivy ..aside from receiving an automatic cue to begin feeling itchy .. I also A-L-W-A-Y-S heard the "Poison Ivy" song in my head ..and sometimes I told them while doing their paper work ...and depending on patient rapport ...I'd smile and even sing ..."P-o-i-s-o-n I-i- v-v-y-y y", but that's it because I can't sing and so couldn't carry much more of a tune. They'd laugh and sometimes continue where I left off. And then there would be people I'd never joke with, but I still heard the song in my head. :)

That would be me. UGH! The ItchaRashaPhobe!

I was about to vacuum the pool ..but unfortunately ..somehow managed to get the piece that goes in the skimmer and attaches to the hose ... simultaneously stuck with that pool water inlet flap thingy. (Can you tell I don't know what you call these things?) Well the super STRONG sucking power of the obviously SUPER POWERED filter ...combined with my suntan oiled hands was an effort in futility to disengage said pool thingies. (I can't believe "thingies" is a word)

Try as I may..

Try as I might...

Those DARN thingies ..

Were jammed together TIGHT!


I broke a nail too.

I was getting concerned with how the filter had been sounding and getting louder with the pressure building.

So .. then in abject FRUSTRATION (I am one of those competitive types who doesn't like to give in to defeat with not being able to fix/do it.. and ..I was being lazy), I gave up and went to get out of the pool.

Then as I got to the top of the steps ..I looked down and there was this little plant growing up between the deck and the pool. "Huh? That's odd", I thought as I bent over to pick it out of there ...and then put in opposite hand... and managed to touch my cheeks while brushing my hair out of my face with the SAME hand holding this little plant ...and so it graced my right cheek ...and then after I got down the stairs I touched my left cheek.

But THEN ..I looked down and OMGOSH! LEAVES of THREE! SHINY LEAVES of THREE. Oh NO..POISON IVY! I walked around to look under the deck and there was this single vine growing up to the deck! What are the ODDS?!

Btw ..I am itching during this entire post ..but even in places that weren't exposed. I quickly swished my fingers in pool water. Turned filter off ..sans super powered suction ..loosened everything ..turned back on. The filter made weird sounds and then began sputtering and finally water was flowing normally back out the exchange or is it the inlet or outlet? I don't know ..I just vacuum, swim, float and frolic. :) So then I put my fingers under the pressure of the filtered water coming out.

Then I remembered my FACE! So ..I used harsh dial antibacterial soap and water as hot as I could stand it on my face and scrubbed with a washcloth. It is so drying'd think I had a botox treatment. I'm expressionless now. I only wash with cleansing creams. I'm not used to drying soaps. ;)

Seriously though ..I really do NOT want poison ivy! In the summer? When it's HOT?

I know it's not the end of the world ..but ..I really do NOT want a poison Ivy rash on my hands and face! I do NOT. Because ..I don't just get a little rash ..oh no. I do it up big time with it creeping all over and closed eyes.

ED Dr WhiteCoat has an EXCELLENT link up for anyone wanting to know what to do if you come in contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac.

My fingers and face do itch..but I also itch in different places. I think it's psychosomatic when a pt with scabies or lice comes into the ED. You do begin to feel itchy even though you know you didn't have close contact. Like I said ..I'm being an ItchaRashaPhobe.

If only the Dead Sea were near by. All that salt would heal it. When I was 18 .. I went down the shore for a day and spent almost all day in the water and the poison Ivy rash I had, dried up. Just imagine what the dead sea could do! I'm just sayin.

Anyway ..the upside is that Mr SeaSpray didn't come home to a pool filter that had exploded into a pressurized projectile object in through the neighbor's window. And Mr SeaSpray will heroically risk the hit ...and REMOVE and DISPOSE of said ..lone ..poison ivy vine for me ..for the family ..and mankind.

Happy Fathers Day to my husband, our older son and all the Dads out there! :)
Update - Sunday morning: I am alright and no rash. Maybe because I scrubbed so much! So ..all my itching during the post was through the power of suggestion. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Urine on Demand! (Revised)

Fortunately for me, she only handed me one and so I didn't have to fill ALL of them. ;)

I know it must seem odd that I would post so often on urine ..but I had been a frequent flier urology patient for a while and so I tend to goopposite my feelings about it all and make a joke of it. It's my way of venting. Also ..if you don't already know this ..I have a zany sense of humor ..downright inane sometimes. I also have a keen ability to see humor inalmost anything. There is a medical blogger (much better writer than me), that if the two of us ever co-authored a funny post ..I think you'd have to wear seat belts for the ride through the post ..says me.

Okay ..back to the urine/urology stuff. So ..given my past experience with urology ..anytime I see a potential uro humor post screams .."WRITE ME! WRITE ME!" They say if you don't laugh cry. I don't have anything urologically to cry about thank God ..but why not laugh anyway? Oh and in my day to day real life ..I promise ..I don't even say the "U" word. Nah..I save that for you lucky readers. ;)

Anyway ..everything in the following post happened last week ..except um ..I may have embellished a bit on the urology office protocol ..but ..shh ..between just you and me ..I think it is the law of the universe prerequisite kind of law for any urology office. ;)

Oh and I bet your thinking this post is gonna be about a urology office visit. Nope. It's actually about a pcp office visit. But if urine is ever involved in my writing ..I just have to incorporate something about the urology profession. :)

Last Friday ..I stopped by Dr PCP's office to pick something up. Waiting my turn at the window ... I was standing behind a very chatty man and decided to sit down while he chatted. He was sweet and as I watched and listened to him ..I realized I was witnessing a rare event. I don't know about you ..but in my life ..chatty men are practically non existent. Oh they talk ...sparingly ..grunt ..nod ..but chatty definitely does not enter into the picture. Now ..admittedly ..some would say that they would have to be quiet interact with ME. :)

Although ..actually PCP is delightfullytalkative too and it's always fun speaking with him. I'll bet we could talk all day! Ha! Perish the thought doctors! Imagine your talking with one chatty patient ALL day. It's okay .. I understand if you need to toss one back at just the thought of that ..before you read the rest of the post. Unnerving I know. ;)

But I digress. I'm chatty you know. :)

I went back up to the window after he sat down. I said a couple of things and then asked for what I was picking up ..but it wasn't there.

I had to wait a bit as the office was Busy with a capital "B". Grand Central Station "B"usy! Murphy's law kind of busy for 3:45 on a Friday afternoon.

When the receptionist called me back up to the window ..I thought I would just get what I came in for ..but instead ..she said that my Doc wanted a urine sample.

"Wait a minute ..WHAT?! Where AM I?", I quickly pondered to myself. But out loud I was clearly taken aback at her/his request and so exclaimed "URINE?! From ME?!"

Now there was a time that was the norm ..but that would be in the urology office ...not the PCP.

I've said it before ..anyone who's ever entered a urology office KNOWS it is a prerequisite to entering said uro office that you have to give a urine sample. It's just the way it is. It's a right of passage and the only way you will get into the inner sanctum of the uro office. Why ..even the urologists give their own sample before entering into the clinic ...inner sanctum. Really's just the way it is. ;)

I've never been in a uro office that didn't want my urine.

Like I said, this was my private Doc's office. He never asks for urine when walking in the door. And ..I wasn't even scheduled for a visit.

So she said "Yes ..he wants a urine sample.", as she handed me the little cup with wipe. Oh how familiar. Btw they ever think about how small these little cups are? I've got aim so perfected now that I could be in the Urine Specimen Cup Olympics! With precision (remember ..Mom introduced me as precise - that trait obviously* spills* over into other areas ..pun intended.. but just no spillage over the cup ;) ..I know I could fill a cup rapidly and go for the gold with my champagne of body fluids. Toast anyone? But for someone not coordinated ..well ...let's not go there. Maybe ...if they got a trainer?

So I continued .."He wants urine NOW? ..On DEMAND?"

"You can't go on demand? I can"

Not to be outdone .. "Well yeah ..I CAN go on demand ...I'll just go in there right now." (pointing to the restroom door at the end of the hallway) But I really did not feel like I had to go all. Go figure. I dehydrated myself like a camel because I knew I'd be out. However .. if there is one thing I am good at's whizzie winkling and I can do it with the best of em. I think I just never have a shortage of the liquid gold in my system. Forget about blood. I'm pretty sure my body is comprised of water covered by skin. It all has to come from somewhere. I didn't even feel it in me and could've filled the whole cup ...if I wanted to be that generous.

Then, while I was already in there I realized ..I commented to her that I was really thirsty. So Obviously ..he was checking for sugar.

I labeled it with date and my info and when I left ..I placed it on the counter in their lab. I then proceeded to the front desk and with the enthusiasm of a 5 yr old ..proudly announced
I was
ableto give the sample! You'd think I was gonna get a gold star or something for that amazing feat! ;) With equal enthusiasm she said, "GOOD!"

It's kind of weird when 2 adult women are happy about urine ..I'm just sayin.

I told her I would give her a check for the copay. She said I didn't have to pay a copay.

"You don't want a copay?"


"It's free?"

"Yes, You don't have to pay it."

"Oh Good! Well my urine is free too. I mean ...I don't give it away to just anyone ..but Dr PCP can have it. But shh! Don't tell anyone! :)"

Both receptionists laughing now.

"As a matter of fact when I'm healthy whizzie winkles even SPARKLE!" (I've written about it in my blog, but they didn't know that and i could see it was a new concept to them. I was apparently on a roll about urine.)

And then we got talking about the SCRUBS episode where Elliot Reed can't say vagina and uses euphemisms. The chief comes up to her one day to inform her that a patient of hers" can't make whizzie winkles out of her sea biscuit."

We all laughed some more. :)

Anyway .. I thanked them and as I walked through the door to go to the outside door ..I looked into the waiting room for my friend (who wasn't in there) and to my right .. sitting against the far wall across from me ..was a man .. a middle aged man sitting in a chair ..just grinning at me ..and I felt my face get hot as I smiled back at him.

I was in the hallway with the door closed ..but the reception window was open on the other side of the door and so he heard the whole thing. Gee! I guess we provided him with a little afternoon entertainment. :)

Then they called later to say my urine sample was normal and quite pretty. Hey a girl's always appreciative of a well placed compliment. Okay fine! They didn't really say my whizzie winkles were pretty ..but I'll bet they were thinking it. I'm just sayin. ;)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Check Out This Out!

photo credit

"Take Your President to Work Week" That is the title for a new post up in Throckmorton's blog and I highly recommend you go over to check it out. Reading this post gave me an even deeper empathy for physicians/surgeons. And from the patient/patient advocate perspective .. it causes concern for what the future may hold for both physicians and patients regarding the availability and quality of care for all of us.

Personally ..I feel this current administration well as most (not all - some are enlightened) of the lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum do NOT understand even the basics of health care reform.

And I wish ..this post would come to the attention of the talking heads and other media sources so that people could understand what is really going on with our health care and the negative impact it will have on us in the future. But instead ..this keeps chugging along down the track and with all my heart I wish it would get derailed before it picks up steam and nothing can hinder it's down the mountain decline.

I think I need to get back over to "The Positive Medical Blog". I know ..I AM shamelessly plugging it. ;)

*I can't believe I still giggle to myself over the Throckmorton salad bar concept and anything Throckmorton. Hat tip to Trenchy ..where ever you are! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Update on Posting

I am still going to be posting "My Physician said the "P" Word", but have been preoccupied with the new blog, "The Positive Medical Blog". I just put a post up in called:
"True Confession - The Real Story behind My Bio" .

But..I certainly have not forgotten the "P" post .."P" for "PHENOMINAL" as per my Dr PCP. :)

I will be putting Part II of that post up in the new blog because it actually will tie in with some positive things and I think it will be a good way for other readers that don't come here to have continuity with the post.

When I do post it over there I have to change the title slightly so as not to confuse google. And I will putting the post up in it's entirety over there so new readers that don't come in here can read it from the beginning ..but you all can just scroll down to Part II.

Anyway ..not only can you access that blog by clicking on the link in the previous post ..but I have also added a permanent link on my upper side bar in this blog. See it light pink to your right... well unless I put another post up in here .. then just look under the welcome side at the top. :)

I think it will be a fun blog and hope you come over for a visit with us :)

Well ..I'm excited that I am going to get to see my beautiful girls tonight. I have a couple of surprises for Devan. Big bubble blowing wands - one pink and one turquoise. And a raft that looks like a bunch of sharpened colored pencils all together. She's always been arty and I think she'll get a kick out a colored pencil raft. :) And I can't wait to hold the baby - Wren and hug them both!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Med Blog!!

I am excited to inform you that there is a new blog in the medical blogosphere!

The Positive Medical Blog

Three bloggers from different medical backgrounds unite to bring you "The Positive Medical Blog".. A place where we discuss ideas about medicine, life, and personal growth from a "glass half full" perspective.

The blog is coauthored by Chrysalis Angel, Lockup Doc and yours truly ..SeaSpray.

So ... come on over!

Ha! We should have a blog warming party! ;)

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Physician Used the "P" Word! :) Part I

times too!

No physician has ever used the "P" word with me!

Oh and this wasn't the urologist.

And I don't mean "P" for Patricia ..although I like that too ..when it's random. :)

Needless to say ..I will now use the "E" word ...because I am Ecstatic with a capital "E" over the "P" word being used regarding anything medical.

ECSTATIC I tell you! Bubbling over ECSTATIC!

So ...bubbling over ECSTATIC ..that Mr SeaSpray couldn't get a word in edgewise or any other wise as he helped me bring the groceries in and he just wanted to sit down and decompress after a long day and watch the news ..but *I* ..STILL bubbling over after he gave me some listening time ..then had more to bubble over about and so followed him around sharing my ECSTASY over the "P" word. And when he went outside to take the pool ladder down for me I was still bubbling over about the "P" word through the bathroom window ..talking to him out in the yard

"Dr PCP used the "P" word with me!"


"Do you know what the "P" word is?"



"I don't know."

"Just guess!"

"I really don't know." (He's never been big with the "Guessing game thing.")


"He said PHENOMENAL!" NO Doctor has EVER said PHENOMENAL and he said PHENOMENAL several times! About ME!"

"What was phenominal?"
Can YOU guys.. and gals guess what was PHENOMINAL?

I'll give you some clues.

It was in reference to a yearly physical.

None of my docs have ever used the word PHENOMINAL in reference to anything medical about me.

I mean it's not like the OB/GYN is gonna say .. "You have a PHENOMENAL Bajingo!" or PHENOMENAL Girls up there! (Hey a girl can dream! ;)

GastroDoc never said .."That's one PHENOMENAL *COLON* you have there!" Although I did read in his report that I was "Well Prepped" and I wore that in my mind's eye like a badge. Although ..maybe he says that about all the girls. ;)

My dentist never exclaimed "Wow ..what a PHENOMENAL molar you have!"

UroDoc never said "That's one PHENOMENAL ureter .. you've got there ..WOW! Although he did tell me he was "really proud" of me once .. with the way I was tolerating my first big stent. (It's true never forget your first! ;) Ha! ..and so I was really proud ..he was proud ..and relieved to know it wasn't just that I was a wimpette ..but it was a tough one for a newbie uro patient!

And the Derm Doc never said .. "That's a PHENOMENAL mole you have there!" Thank God or it would down right SCARED me! :) Although he speedily checked out my concerns .. he did refer to all of them as "BEAUTY MARK!" and so ...needless to say ..I left feeling especially good from his office that day... in a beautifully marked way. And ..I do have an especially cute one where the sun doesn't shine. I'm just sayin. ;)

I still can't believe My dear DR PCP said PHENOMENAL in reference to ME ... and several times!

Okay ..2nd clue: this was the 2nd part of my physical ..wait that's too much of a clue and so can't finish the sentence. Don't mind me ..his use of the "P" word with me has me in a frisky... teasing mood. :)

Suffice it to know that I am one PHENOMENALLY pleased SeaSpray!

Dr PCP made my day!

Can you tell? :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stay With the Original or Move to the New?

This empty blog header really is bothering me now.

What do you all think?

Should I start a new "It's a Wonderful Life " blog ..maybe call it: " SeaSprays - It's a Wonderful Life!" and then link the new to the old?

Or should I live with this because it's not a big deal. I'd hate to lose followers ..but anyone who really follows ..would follow the new link. :)

Could I keep my same Icon?


For anyone living in this area needing this kind of service ...I highly recommend :

Henderson Well &Pump Co

973-823-0107 or
We haven't had any water since midnight last night.

It is so disturbing to turn on your water and have nothing come out.

We are so blessed with clean, running water in this country. It's hard to fathom that many people in third world countries don't have this luxury ..that is easily taken for granted here. I have seen organizations go into these countries and drill wells for the communities and think that is a wonderful gift to give people ..easily accessible water. You can see how joyful the people are to have a well serving their villages.

On Saturday ..the water began spitting out of the faucet ..flowing but little bursts of air too. My first thought was that the well lines had sprung a leak again ..but I don't think that is it because we aren't sucking in dirt. Also ..don't think well is dry ..again because ..not sucking in dirt. Oh and the neighbors we share the well with still have water.

I called my neighbor (we share a well) Bushy tailed ..but not bright eyed yet (Can you be bushy tailed and NOT bright eyed yet?) soon as I rolled out of bed. Didn't even stop to make whizzie winkles. Out of bed phone ..dial neighbor... "Hi do you have water ..well water? Cause we don't.

"Yes ..we have water."

"Oh good ..then we have water ..well we don't have water ...but since you do ..then we do. I'm glad you have water ..then that means we'll have water ..but I am still glad you have water. Thanks Bye." She was chuckling on the other end as I stumbled through that. I just needed coffee and to wake up. :)

The pump man came and fixed it and THANKFULLY it was no big deal or expense.

He really took care of us with his prompt service and what he did for us. We had him fix some well lines last year. He has an answering service and calls back promptly. They don't charge emergency fees. Always courteous ..actually quite personable.

It was such a good feeling to have the water running out of our faucets again! And it's funny how many times we'd forget and go to turn on the water and the silence and lack of water is disturbing.

But ..When the faucet started sputtering with air on Saturday ..i did prepare by putting water in fridge and filling tea pot, etc. I didn't think to keep tub filled with water in between showers for toilet though. We don't have sewer and so no electricity or no well pump ..then no toilet. I actually didn't think the water flow would stop I was more concerned with contaminants getting into it because I thought I saw some sediment ..but not much. Whenever we have a storm ..I always fill the tub in case the power goes off.

You'd think we live out in the Yukon somewhere the way I store water when these things happen. All we have to do is go a couple miles to a store or store some water bottles here. I think we are all supposed to do that anyway for emergencies... you know ..batteries ..extra food, first aid, etc.

Anyway ..It's really, really nice to have running water again.

And I really appreciate the work Henderson Well & Pump Co did for us. I hope well pump continues to work well pun intended ..but if there is a problem ..we will certainly call this company again and tell anyone we meet to give them a call and they will be glad they did.

I have to say really feels good when you as a customer ..find a business that takes good care of you and you feel you can trust. I am the kind of person that if I trust you are in my address book forever and I will continually refer you with a good ..POSITIVE WOM - Word of Mouth.

PS .. I do feel a little bad about one thing though. I told the service we didn't have any water. She asked me if it was an emergency. I admit that I impatiently barked back .."We DON'T have ANY water!" Then I apologized and said I had just gotten out of bed and was worried about the pump and we didn't have any water. It felt like an emergency to me. But worse things certainly happen in life. But in the well and pump company world .. I do think NO WATER qualifies as an emergency. All I had to do was say "Yes." I wasn't awful ..but I could've been nicer about it... and like I said ..I did apologize.

PPS maybe hormones made me do it! ;)